Knotty Quilt

Knotty Quilt
Knotty Quilt
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Product Description

Knotty Quilt

A blanky for the original Knotty Doll

The Knotty Doll is the original handmade rag-doll created to meet the special needs of newborns. Warm, soft and cuddly, the Knotty Doll satisfies one of the new-born's most important senses, that of touch whihc it gratifies by means of mouth and skin. Based on a traditional Dutch design , these 100% cotton flannel dolls are carefully hand-sewn by a small cottage industry in San Francisco. Watch as baby and doll progressively bond.

  • For children of all ages

  • Cuddly friend

  • pacifier knots

  • Non-toxic paint on face

  • Burp cloth

  • Rattle