Bon Bon Lip Balms

Bon Bon Lip Balms
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Tokyo Milk - Bon Bon Lip Balm

Natural Fragrances, Beautiful Packaging

The sweetest lips await! Made with sunflower seed oil, beeswax, vitamin E, aloe vera and shea butter blended into a luxurious formula designed to keep your lips soft and kissable.

Petit Fours Glaces no.044

  The flavor of delicate pastries filled with caramelized Pear and Candied Lavender.

Opera Mint no. 082

  Refreshing Peppermint, creamy Tahitian Vanilla, rich Peruvian Cocoa.
Candied Violette no. 107

  Sugared Violette Leaves, Crushed Nectarines, and Honeycrisp Apples

Cherry Bomb no. 09

  Crushed Bing Cherries and sweet Spun Sugar

Honey Blossom no.03

  Sweet Clover Honey, Decadent Poppy Nectar

Sweet Cream no. 093

  Vanilla Bean, Spun Sugar, a hint of Caramelized Cream.

Rose Water no. 071

  Sugared Rose Petals, Fresh Apple Blossoms