Miles of Shoreline Original Art by Steve Thomas

Miles of Shoreline 12"X18" Framed
Miles of Shoreline 12"X18" Framed
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Product Description

Original Art Print by Steve Thomas. Each one is a limited edition, framed in black, signed and numbered.

Canadian native Steve Thomas was born and raised in Southern Ontario. Thomas sent to school in Ohio for informational graphics and started working in the art department at a newspaper in Pittsburgh. He met his wife, a fellow Canadian, while in the ‘Burgh and moved to the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Steve Thomas worked for another newspaper there creating graphics and illustration before switching over to the online publication. Working as a freehand illustrator, Steve’s commercial work has paired him with Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel, The Muppets, Hasbro and Star Trek. Heavily influenced by the Golden Age of Illustration, Steve Thomas’ vintage 1930’s style posters capture the beauty and unique nature of California’s Central Coast.